My name is Darrcie Green and I’m 17, almost 18. I’m from England and I have a mad passion for all things cosmetic and beauty. I also have a passion for writing as it’s something I have excelled in since I was very young.

I’m interested in trying new cosmetics, beauty products and hair products because you never know what might be tailored to you. Recently I have bought a wide range of cosmetics that I am dying to review so that other females and males can read a true and honest review before buying their product, as there’s no worse feeling than spending lots of money on something that’s not worth it.

Anyway, I don’t have a lot of hobbies right now as my life is pretty much finishing my A-levels, going to work and spending time with my boyfriend. As much as I love working and spending time with my boyfriend, the A-levels really bring me down and stress me out, so I felt starting a blog would help me put my mind to good use. My hobbies used to be playing football, horse riding and ice-skating. These were really fun but then I started to grow up and take initiative with my life as I realized I needed to spend more time earning money than spending it.

Right now I have my holiday to Turkey with my boyfriend to look forward to. It’s our first ever holiday away abroad and my first time abroad without my parents being there, so I should be allowed to do most of the things I can’t with them. I love all things water-sport and so I’m really excited to be in the water all the time! I also have been looking at moving in with my boyfriend into a flat sometime in the near future if certain circumstances change which I’m also super happy about.

There’s not much really to say about myself but if anything changes I will update this page so check back for that! However, I hope you like my blog and enjoy the things I write.

(P.S. If you are a company or individual personal that would like me to review or promote your product, please contact me via my business e-mail:

Darrcie X