Yesterday I ventured down to my local hairdressers Studio 26 to have my micro ring 20 inch hair extensions in. I have two colours used on my hair for extra thickness as I have naturally curly thick hair, and to blend my hair into one colour. I have used box dye over the bottom of my hair before I had my extensions, to colour over and awful yellow blonde so that my hair is it’s natural colour again. Hooray!

I went to the salon with medium length hair that covered just over my shoulders. I asked for 20 inch hair because I feel that I look a lot better with long hair, but my natural hair wont grow past the length it is now. Hopefully these extensions will stimulate some hair growth! I arrived at 9:30am and finished at 12:30pm. The process included washing, drying, straightening and then application. Because of the length of the hair, this cost me £310.00 which is an amazing price for Human Hair Extensions and all that is included!

The application of the hair felt like forever but it was a pleasant experience as I’ve wanted the hair extensions for so long and the girls in Studio 26 made me feel very welcome and comfortable. The hair extensions do still feel a little sore when sleeping or touching the hair but this is natural and will go away in a few days. My hair is just adjusting to the extra weight. I’ve decided to get these extensions now as my holiday with my boyfriend is June/ July time and I wanted to get used to the extensions now rather than later!

This is my hair after, the colour match is perfect and the hair sits just right! I’m very pleased and will definitely be keeping up with the 6-8 week treatments. It feels really weird right now having long hair but it’s only the second day and I’m getting used to it.

These are the rules (Do’s and Dont’s) that I have to follow to ensure my hair stays rights without and matting.

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Darrcie X