So, I’ve just had my lashes done and I’m feeling good! I decided to get my lashes done because I want to keep up with the infills and get used to lashes as I want them for my holiday in June. I know lashes can be daunting at first as it takes a while to adjust to the look and get to grips with showering without burning your eyes.

I had them done in the comfort of my own home by a lady called Hannah who is in the local area and charged me £45.00 for a 5D full set. The lashes aren’t normal thick mink ones, they are thin cashmere lashes. The lashes feel lighter on the eyes and weightless.

I asked for my lashes to be thick and long. The lashes themselves are smooth and took only 1hr 15 mins to apply. The lashes are great quality and I’m happy I chose the right lady.

5D sets mean that more lashes are applied to give a glamorous look rather than a natural look. I have had my lashes done before and paid £45.00 for thick mink individual lashes which hurt after a few weeks.

The after care system Hannah offers is amazing. She has a five day free of charge policy that she has in place. This means that if you would like to change your look I.e lashes have fallen out and you want them back in, you want longer lashes, you want thicker lashes, or you want less, she will come to your house free of charge and change anything you want to be changed. Great policy!

The lashes are applied seamlessly as Hannah is a perfectionist. It almost seems as if there aren’t any lashes stuck on. These are the most perfect lashes I have ever had!

I’m due for hair extensions on Wednesday and I’ll do an update of those when the day comes!
Darrcie X