I thought I would show you all what is inside my everyday bag and hopefully you can get some inspiration and ideas!

Firstly, in my bag I have the Victoria Secret Bombshell body mist, I have the perfume too. I like to carry something like this with me as you never know when you need to smell nice. Sometimes on hot days we can all get a bit hot and smelly and this just helps to freshen up. I also like to make sure I smell nice when I’m with my boyfriend and this is handy for that too. I always get people asking if I have some deodorant or spray so when I carry this others can use it too. Sharing is caring.


I also like to carry my Victoria Secret passport/ wallet with me too. This way I can keep my passport, ID, credit card and money with me and it’s all in one place. I use my ID now as I buy alcohol and always get ID’d because I look young. I also use my credit card all the time as my money is all kept in my bank because I have too much money to keep it all out. I also always carry around a couple of notes and some coins with me as I always end up needing to use cash at some point.

I also like to keep hair bands in my bag because I never know when I might need them, or sometimes the girls at work will ask if I have a spare one and I always do!

I also carry my new iPad Air 2 and a keyboard for it as I’m always on trains and every weekend I make a long journey to my boyfriends house (approx 3 hours) so it will keep me busy and I can write blog posts on the go or play on games, especially bejewelled.

I like to keep my make up bag with me all the time too, mostly when I travel to my boyfriends but I can easily apply any of my makeup and I always have what I need! I can fit all my little products in my bag and never leave anything behind.

Along with this I like to carry my Urban Decay All Nighter spray as it keeps my make-up in place and especially on nights out it can give my make-up another coat to help it stay in place. I love this spray as it sets all your make up perfectly and it’s a handy travel size product.

I love always having my phone and iPad charged and when they start to get to the low percentages, it scares me. So, I always carry around my charger with me because I like to top up that percentage and keep both products charged at all times.

Lastly, I always carry around the one most important thing, my iPhone 6s Plus. Where would I be without it? For obvious reasons I carry my phone around so I wont explain it.

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Darrcie X