I’ve created a nail look today that took me 3 minutes to create which is an easy and on the go look for anyone that wants pretty nails but doesn’t have time to waste.

I started off with one coat of the Maybelline New York – 60 sec color show, in the colour ‘Nebline’.

As you can see the colour is very light and appears transparent. I always live by the rule of not putting on a coat that is too heavy as it can cause lumps and bumps and uneven drying which ruins your finished look. I love the baby pink colour as it’s my favourite colour. I bought it for $2.98 at Savers which is a reasonable price as the product is very good quality with only two coats needed for a finished look.

After applying two coats you can see the colour fills out and creates a smooth and polished baby pink look.

After letting this dry for 60 more seconds, I was then ready to add a final top coat to ONLY the ring fingers. I used the Avon color trend glitter nail top coat.

I’m not sure how much this costs as I bought this a while ago but I only used one coat as it’s thick but dries in 30 seconds.

This is the finished look. It’s quick, simple and really easy to do. It’s a great on the go look for anyone that doesn’t have the time to do their nails. Thank you for reading this blog post and make sure to like, comment and follow for more posts and updates coming soon!

Darrcie X