I recently received a Jack Wills gift set from my brother and his wife for my 18th birthday and would like to show you all what is inside. The actual tin that all the things come in is really cute and simple, typical Jack Wills, with a finishing touch being the lovely blue bow on the tin.

Upon opening this lovely gift, all the items are packed nicely into the tin and covered in a thin paper wrapping for protection and surprise on opening. I would also like to add that the inside of the tin smells gorgeous when opening which reflects the quality of these products.

The items include a loafer, body butter, body lotion, body wash and body spray. As you can tell, lots of body bits. The packaging of these is simple but pretty too.

I have sprayed the body spray and can say that it smells absolutely fantastic and I will be wearing this a lot as it’s a lovely sweet girly scent. I love that its transportable in a bag or anywhere!

The body lotion feels great on the skin, makes me really smooth. I have yet to try the body wash yet and cannot wait to smell that!

I also have yet to try the loafer and body butter but I have used a body butter from Jack Wills before and it’s always done me wonders. I love using body butter, especially cocoa butter for my skin as it keeps a tan on longer on holiday and also keeps the skin from peeling or drying out as it hydrates the skin.

I hope you enjoy this blog post and have a nice read through. I wont post prices on posts like these as these are presents and it would be rude for me to look. However, I’m sure these products aren’t hard for you to find if you wanted to have a look.

Darrcie X