Hello everyone!

I’m sorry for being away for so long but I’ve been really busy and working on some new things for you all! I’ve also just had my 18th birthday yesterday and would like to show you all a few pictures of some of the things I received.

My mother bought me lots of lovely Victoria Secret bits which are all really stunning. Clearly you can see the gorgeous bag and make up bag. I also got the VS passport/ wallet, a $50 gift card, VS bombshell body mist and VS bombshell perfume. The items all match perfectly and I love each and every one of them and I cannot wait to use them more.

My boyfriend bought me these lovely make up bits, a few of them I used yesterday when he took me out for dinner. As you can see there’s and Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit, Kick Ass Colour Corrector, Technic Get Gorgeous bronzer/ highlighter, Soap and Glory Palette and Urban Decay makeup setting spray. I wont say too much on these products as I will be reviewing them soon but I’m so grateful and I love them.

My mother bought me a locket because on her 18th her mother bought her a locket too. I cannot say how thankful I am for this beautiful piece of jewellery and I’ve put a picture of my Mother and boyfriend in there as they’re the two people who mean the most to me. It’s a stunning locket necklace and I will most likely wear this a lot.

I also received two new charms for my Pandora charm bracelet which I have spaced out from the rest. The ’18’ charm I received from my brother and his wife and the star I received from my boyfriend. They’re both wonderful additions and I love them so much.

My brother and his wife got me this new bag for when I go out too along with 5 or 6 other New Look items which I haven’t featured as I received too many presents, hard life. I love bags like this and never thought about getting one, I’m glad I have one now though!

I also received a bottle of Champagne from my brother and his wife which I cannot wait to drink, it’s the first drink I received as an 18 year old!

I’ve never had a Soap and Glory set before and so this was a lovely present from my brother and his wife and I have yet to use something out of here.

They also bought me a Jack Wills mini tin gift set. I did recieve 18 presents from them so I wont feature them all! But I am really grateful for them all!

My boyfriends mother gave me a Chihuahua piggy bank which is very glamorous, it came with $18 inside for my 18th, it’s gorgeous and I’ve already started filling it up with coins!

My mother also got me a $100 New Look gift card which I have yet to use, hopefully to buy some outfits to go clubbing and for my upcoming holiday.

I love my 18th balloon!

I got a new pug pillow to add to my pug pillow collection and a cat pillow too. (See pug pillow collection below!)

My boyfriend bought me the new iPad Air 2 in gold with a matching gold keyboard and cases.

My brother and his wife bought me a mermaid blanket which I’ve wanted for so long!

My brothers wife made me a cookie cake which my boyfriend and I have nearly eaten…

I also received lots of lovely cards from everyone! I’m so thankful and grateful to everyone that celebrated my birthday with me and threw me a party too! I received well over 50 presents so cannot picture them all in this blog post!

Here’s a few pictures from my birthday:

Thank you for reading and expect more posts from me in the future!

Darrcie X