Recently I bought a palette from Amazon, it was a cheap one with 15 colours both matte and shimmer shades, some of the colours and everyday colours and some warm tone for a subtle or glamorous look.

This palette is very simple, the packaging is just black all over with no writing on it. The colours are set out nicely and the eyeshadows are very pigmented which I wasn’t expecting from something that isn’t high brand.

I bought this palette as I felt like having some new colours as I always use the Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette and I need a bit of a change. Personally I love the colours on this palette, the range of colours gives opportunity to create glamorous shimmery looks or simple matte looks.

I would very much recommend this palette for those that like certain colours on the Morphe palettes but cannot afford them. This palette was £2.99 from here. The palette is #1, there are a couple others to choose from which are bright shades or purely shimmer shades. This is worth it considering the price, it stays on, very pigmented and looks and feels amazing.

I hope you liked this review/ blog post. Feel free to leave a comment or anything you would like me to review. Let me know if you buy or consider buying this product!

Darrcie X