So this is just a personal life update for you. Recently I’ve weighed myself on a scale and seen the amount of weight I have put on and the weight I’m at. I don’t like this weight because it makes me feel ugly and fat and I know being unhealthy will cause many health problems in the future. I’m doing this because I want a better life for myself and I want to not feel so self conscious, especially because I have a holiday with my boyfriend coming up in 6 months and I want to look better in photos.

What have I done so far?

So far, I started this journey on the 23/1/2017, my boyfriend kindly bought me some running trousers, shoes and a bra, after much persuasion to him that I wasn’t happy with myself. He loves me no matter what but he will always support me in every choice I make.

I’ve started off slowly doing a 30 min run alternating between 1 min running and 1 min walking. As I have asthma that is fairly bad it’s better for me to start off easy and later progress when my body starts becoming comfortable with this sudden change. I’ve downloaded two apps to help, I’ve got a calorie counting app that you can scan the barcode and enter in how much you’re eating if that product. It’s called MyFitnessPal and I also have another app that maps my run and tells me how long/ far I ran for and maps other routes for me if I get bored of the same one, this app is called MapMyRun. These apps are great for anyone who is starting out like me and needs to keep track of all these things.

What am I eating?

So right now I’m starting to get used to everything so I’m trying out lots of new things but keeping low calories and low fat.

Today I started off with Scottish Oats and 200ml of semi-skimmed milk to make porridge with a banana.

Although it might not look appealing to people, I personally love the taste and it’s very low calorie for a breakfast before my run.

I then had a frozen fruit smoothie and a Nature Valley Salted Caramel Protein Bar for lunch.

This is also again low calorie, keeping fat and sugars at a minimum whilst giving me more protein. It’s important to have a lot of protein in my diet as I’m losing weight and running and I need something to help repair and build muscle.

I then had a snack later on in the day which was the Alpen Light Bakewell bar.

These bars are great for snacking as they’re low in calories, only 70 calories per bar.

As I don’t have a photo of today’s dinner, as it’s not that time yet, I will show you what I ate for dinner yesterday.

I had salad with hard boiled eggs, with a mini babybel, which wasn’t that nice so I threw it away and a Kellogg’s Nutty Chewy Bar. This tasted lovely, again low calorie but also a variety of small things so the taste buds don’t get bored and feel so bland all the time.
I started off at 73.5kg which is overweight for someone of my height (5ft,3in). My goal weight is about 55kg and I’m in no rush to get there, I’m prepared this time to take it slowly, all I need is motivation and an end goal. Usually I’m really bad with diets and I find it hard to stay on one because I give up too easily and I love all the bad foods, but for the sake of my health and my confidence, I’m fully prepared to do this.

I hope some may take inspiration or enjoy this post. I’ll keep you all posted!

Darrcie X