I’ve just received my Lime Crime Velvetine and Kat Von D lipsticks and today I’ll be showing you my Lime Crime lipstick.

I ordered the lipstick in the shade ‘Pumpkin‘ which I think is a really cute colour. It’s similar to the Kat Von D shade ‘Lolita‘ and the NYX Matte lip shade ‘Excite‘. 

The shade is actually really beautiful and it covers the whole lip in one coat. The lipstick isn’t blotchy like some are meaning you don’t ideally have to do a second coat but some people prefer this. I never really wear lip liner as it’s easy to line the lips when you get given a good brush. The brush on this lipstick is really easy to line a good lip.

It’s similar to that of a lipgloss brush. The actual design is very stunning too. It’s very girly and pretty and the bottle has a matte glass look which is good for a matte lipstick bottle as the two go together very well.

The lipstick is very easy to apply and creates little to no mess. I wouldn’t say that there is anything wrong with this lipstick so far, it seems all too perfect for me!

Some Matte lipsticks can dry out your lips which is why it isn’t good for people who already have dry lips. However for those that don’t, it doesn’t have that paint consistency that a lot of lipsticks have, it glides on and gives a smooth finish at the end. From wearing it, I can’t actually feel it on my lips as it’s very lightweight and pressing my lips together it feels very smooth and dries completely Matte, as you can get some that dry a Satin finish.

I wouldn’t personally say this is the colour ‘Pumpkin’ as it’s more a deep red shade, similar to a NO7 one that I own. However no matter what the shade is called, it’s an overall beautiful lipstick and you can go and get yours here! Beautybay is one of my favourite make up websites and I always shop there and I would recommend that site to everyone!

I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope you have a lovely day! Please feel free to comment any requests and make sure to follow my blog to keep updated.

Darrcie X