So today’s make up look is just a casual going to work look using some new products I have bought.

I started off by using my Kiko Milano Matte Face Base and my Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. They’re both Matte and oil free primers, I like using these because when I wake up in the morning my face is very oily and this suppresses that and keeps it under control.

After my Primer has been applied I like to give it a few minutes to properly set and dry. So whilst it’s drying I move on to my eyebrows. I use the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in the shade Chocolate. You can read up on how I do my eyebrows here. I honestly love this Pomade and I won’t change to another for now as it’s lasting me very long and it never dries or cracks in the pot like some gels do. I love that the colours match to your hair so well and it’s a lightweight product and you don’t have to use too much product to get the results you want. I would recommend getting a spoolie brush and flat tip brush to get perfect results.

Underneath my brow on the brow bone I like to perfect my eyebrows and neaten everything out by using my NARS Creamy Concealer in the shade Vanilla. This is slightly lighter than my skin tone as I don’t conceal my bumps, I like to highlight my brow bone and under my eyes/ on my nose. You can read up on my NARS concealer review here.

After doing my eyebrows I then take a damp beauty blender and blend my Maybelline Satin Foundation in. This is one of the best low brand foundations. It’s a favourite of mine, it gives absolute coverage and it blends so well. The foundation is also very lightweight. I love a Satin finish as anything too Matte can make the skin look really dry and a dry look is not what I like to go for.

After finishing my foundation I then light to take a brush and do my highlight from my Miss G Couture Diamond Trio Highlighter Palette. I like the highlighters in this palette because the colours are stunning but it takes a couple times to fully get the powder onto your cheek.

Whilst doing this I do my Contour as well using my Anastasia Cream Contour Palette in the shade Light. I only highlight my cheek bones and make my forehead appear smaller. I only went for a natural and light Contour as I was only going to work. I love this product and it’s one of the best to use in my opinion. Anastasia brings out some of the best products and I will keep buying more of her products.

As all of you know I love my Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette. Mine was a present so I won’t link it anywhere. It’s gorgeous and so pigmented and I use it nearly every day. All the colours are beautiful and I can’t get enough of the palette. I did a light brown shade on my eyes today using the colours Vintage, Whimsy, Profesh and Edgy. I like blending this colours all together one by one with a blending brush. The inside of the palette smells so lovely which is why I love opening it.

After using this I then line my eyes using the Collection Lasting Colour Gel Liner. I’m not really fussed what gel liner I use as they’re all the same to me and they all do the same job. This ones a cheap one, it looks great, stays on all day and does its job.

After this I decided to using my Collection Glam Crystals Gel Liner in the colour Silver. I love lining my black gel liner with this as it makes my eyes pop and I love glitter! I think it looks pretty and it lasts all day too.

After all of this I like to finish off using my new NYX LIP LINGERIE in the shade Honeymoon. I’m testing all of these out and so far I’m really impressed and I’m loving the colours. Expect a review soon.

I hope you like this and hopefully take something away from this post.

Sorry about the dog filter. I love dogs and I love the snapchat filter.

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Darrcie x