I’m back! 

After a few tough days of the real world, I’m back. I’ll be reviewing two mascaras I own. Today will be the RIMMEL London Scandal eyes. The other is a MAC super length mascara, I’m not sure if they discontinued this though as I haven’t seen it around for a while.

This MAC mascara has a lovely thin brush that is mainly used for creating length, you may also find slightly bendy brushes are used to help create curl and length but this one is purely length. The formula is actually quite a watery liquid, not the usual thick black mascara. I actually find that this mascara doesn’t create as much length as I hoped, more of a natural look. I like glamorous and outgoing rather than natural so this is a setback. Even with a few coats of this, I find it doesn’t create further length but it does stay on so well! I used this and went to bed with it on, when I woke up it was in the exact same place with no black smudges under my eyes. I cannot explain how happy I felt. My eyes get really watery and I wriggle a lot in my sleep, this mascara isn’t even waterproof and does it’s job better than most.

The next mascara is the RIMMEL London scandal eyes. I’ve used this mascara for a long time as I don’t usually wear mascara when I get my eyelashes extended and when I haven’t got them extended this works so well for me. As you can tell the brush is thick and full of thick product, this creates a lovely glamorous eye using only one coat. Obviously the layers are buildable depending on how much mascara you like to wear. This isn’t waterproof mascara so it obviously isn’t going to last overnight if I forget to take it off. However, it doesn’t run or smudge throughout the day which I really love. This mascara gives me so much length and it’s my go-to mascara. I don’t really believe in spending lots of money on mascara as most of them do the same thing and it’s the most boring beauty product in my eyes.

Sorry for the worn off eyeliner but as you can see the eyelashes on the right side of the photo are much longer. That mascara is the RIMMEL mascara. It’s great for length and s less clumpy look.

Here is another photo of this look. The right side of the photo is less spacious and clumpy and gives a glam lengthy look to the eye which actually makes the eye appear bigger!

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I will be posting another review on 5/6 new matte lipsticks I’m collecting tomorrow so look out for that.

Darrcie X