This is just a little post about my make up for work. Obviously if you were to use some of the tips or copy the look you don’t have to use this look for work.

First I start off by using my Smashbox Foundation Primerย and my Kiko Milano Matte Face Base. Both these products are Matte as I like to keep all my products Matte/silk to create a smooth finish to my face. I love using the primer and base on my face as they cover my pores and even then out. Most people only use one or the other but I sometimes like to use both. You can read my review on the face baseย here.

Then I do my eyebrows with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, you can see the steps that I use for my eyebrows here. Ever since I bought this Pomade it has worked a dream for my eyebrows and I love it so much. I probably will never change this product as it’s my go-to but I’m always willing to try new products and be persuaded otherwise! My Dipbrow Pomade is in the shade Chocolate. After I do my eyebrows I like to apply my colour couture clear eyebrow gel to keep all the unwanted hairs in place.

I then apply my foundation, I’m using a low end foundation that works wonders on oily skin, gives a satin finish and stays on all day! It’s the Maybeline dream satin liquid foundation in Natural Ivory. It suits my skin very well and covers all my large pores and blackheads. This product has never done me any wrong and I really love it. I obviously have my NARS foundation but I’m not too impressed with it right now so I have switched until my new foundation comes through, watch out for that! I like to apply my foundation with a beauty sponge as it is lightweight but thick, so it doesn’t soak up a lot of the product. I like to wet the sponge to really add to that nice smooth satin finish.

I then go on to do my eye make up. I’m using the Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette, you can read my review on it here. I’m using the shades Classic for the base, whimsy for the crease of my eye, blended in with drama. I never usually go for such a dark look but today I thought I would go for something different. Whilst I do my eyeshadow I also apply my gel eyeliner from Collection. I don’t care what gel liners I use as they all are the same to me.

I have a thing with glittery eyeshadow in the middle of my eyelids right now. Sorry about that.

After doing my eye make up I go on to do my contour with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit, I use this in the shade light. You can read my review of this here. I love cream Contour as it’s so easy to blend. I apply this to my cheek bones and my forehead. I also like to take this time to apply my highlighter too it’s from Miss G Couture and you can read my review here.

After blending in my Contour I apply my NARS soft velvet loose powder. I haven’t reviewed this powder yet but it’s okay-ish for setting the make up. I use it right now as it’s the only one I have.

Then I apply my MAC eyeliner, I’m not sure which one this is as it was bought for me a while ago. It’s really lovely and doesn’t clump your eyelashes together which is why I love this!

And lastly I’ve gone for my NO7 Matte lipstick, the writing has rubbed off but still still perfect to me. It’s lasted a long time and feels nice on your lips.

This is my finished look.

I hope you liked this post and show your appreciation below! If you want to request anything, don’t feel afraid to ask!

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Darrcie X