These are just a few of my heel favourites from my ever growing collection. Someone needs to tell my boyfriend to stop letting me loose with money. I’ve barely ever worn some of these, hence why they look so new but I can’t help myself!

I bought these beautiful pink shoes from New Look as I needed a pair of shoes for the reception at my brothers wedding.

I really love high heels, the higher the better. I just fell in love with the colour of these and the lace at the front. These shoes were too beautiful to look at and not buy. Unfortunately, I made my boyfriend sit and watch me walk around in the store with these shoes on. Lucky for me these were in the sale and I grabbed a bargain! This style of shoe, round toe, is more of a preference than pointed tip, but I still love wearing pointed tip too! Certain pointed tip shoes can be fairly uncomfortable though, that’s why I prefer to go in store rather than online.

These next glittery shoes I bought in Debenhams as I needed a pair of shoes to match my glittery bridesmaid dress. They cost £35, I have no idea what they’re called though. I’m sure if you wanted a pair you could easily type in ‘Glittery High Heels’.

These are a small heel and are great for walking around for long periods of time. They’re super comfortable and I just love the look of them. Anything with glitter on it and it’s mine. I probably won’t wear these again as I don’t really see them fitting with any of my clothes but I’ll most likely keep them to look at. They’re too beautiful to let go.

These next pair of heels I bought at PrettyLittleThing to match with an outfit I bought for winter wonderland, where I went away for a weekend with my boyfriend. You can read about that here.

These beauties cost me £25.00. They’re such a lovely colour, I think they call this colour ‘Wine’ these days. I can’t get enough of it. It goes with two basic wardrobe colours: black and white. I can only stand to wear these for a short period of time before they start hurting my feet though. However, I cannot get enough of these boots. I’ve never had this style of boot before and so I was unsure when buying if it would suit me, but it definitely does. I will most likely wear these a lot more.

The final pair of shoes are recent shoes that I’ve just bought from, again, New Look, they were at an absolute bargain of £22.99! I’m really happy with that price as I’ve been wanting these for ages but hadn’t bought them until 2 weeks ago!


These are such lovely shoes and I’m so happy I bought these. These are so my new favourites! I cannot wait for a chance to go and wear these beauties out!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and you check back for more. I’m doing a small giveaway of 5 items when I reach 100 followers! 

Darrcie x