Today I’m reviewing the NARS creamy concealer. I bought this whilst I was out in London shopping for Christmas. It’s a really beautiful product and I really love the look of it just in its packaging. The actual product comes in a NARS black box with instruction for use and ingredients. Some people prefer creamy concealers as they are really easy to blend into the skin, also, if you get it a couple shades lighter than your skin tone it can double as a highlighter. You can use it as a light highlighter for the brow bone and underneath the eyes.

The product is really simple and easily transportable. I like that the lid is attached to the concealer wand and that it is screwed on to the actual concealer container as there is no chance of leakage if transported in your bag. The NARS writing on the side of the container doesn’t rub off easily so it doesn’t look cheap. The clear container allows you to see how much product you have left and colour match your skin easily.

The wand makes it really easy to apply the product on to the skin, you can also put this on the top of your hand to apply to the skin with a proper concealer brush. I find the wand really helpful rather than a squeezable bottle as you don’t use as much product, so this lasts a very long over time. I have my product matched 1 shade lighter to my skin as I like to highlight my brow bone but I also put this underneath my foundation so that it blends and covers any imperfections on my skin. I would say this is medium coverage but easily buildable.

As you can see the consistency is as expected and very creamy which shows how easy it will be to blend. It doesn’t look like the product matches my hand but that’s just the lighting, I use this on my face and neck to match. I would highly recommend this product as it has done me wonders and I use this a lot and still have almost all of the product left!

I bought this for ยฃ22.50 and it’s in the shade Vanilla. I really don’t mind spending this much on a product that is going to do it’s job so I would personally highly recommend this product to anyone. It really does what it should do. However there may be dupes for those who aren’t willing to spend that amount of money on this product. I will look into that soon. I will link the websiteย hereย for those who want to look at the product or consider buying it. If you have really bad acne, I would not recommend this as it won’t cover the harsh spots, I would recommend a green colour corrector and I have a really good one in mind that I will be buying and reviewing soon, so look out for that!

I hope you enjoyed this review and you leave a like or comment below to show appreciation. You should always read a couple of reviews before you purchase your product as it can save a lot of money!

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Darrcie x