Today I’m reviewing the Kiko Milano Matte Face Base. As I have oily skin I realised that I needed a base/ primer and when I went into the Kiko Milano shop, they told me the base was ‘highly requested’ and a ‘best seller’, so I bought it. The base is supposed to even out you skin whilst creating a matte base. I usually keep all my products Matte so that there’s less chance of getting oily throughout the day, I don’t ever get dry so it’s not a problem for me.

As you can see, this is what a matte primer/ base should look like, it’s thick but doesn’t feel irritating or like there’s anything on the skin. Before I have had problems with Kiko Milano’s make up products as they aren’t usually good. However, this one does what it says on the bottle and stays Matte all day. I usually apply this with another primer that I will get round to reviewing another day. The product does smell really nice when on the skin and when you open it which is a nice surprise as some can smell quite odd or of nothing.

It’s just a simple bottle but has a lot in it compared to a lot of face bases. I cannot comment on if it’s better than any other product as I haven’t tried many bases/ primers before. However, it is doing the job that it is supposed to so far so this product I can recommend.

I bought this product for £9.90, which I wouldn’t personally say is a bad price. It does the job and lasts a while as the bottle is quite big and only a small amount of product is required to cover the whole face.

Let me know if you have any primers you like or would like me to review before you purchase it.

Thank you for reading this blog. Remember to always read a few reviews before you purchase your product as it can save you a lot of money that way!

I will link the product here in case you want to buy it or view the product.

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Darrcie X