I’m using the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in the shade Chocolate. Also I’m using the Anastasia 20 duo brush.

First I start off my primping my eyebrows, I use a spookiest brush to brush the eyebrow hairs into place to create an even surface. Then I start midway down my eyebrow outlining the top and bottom to create the outline of the shape I want my eyebrow to go. I would recommend following the shape of your actual eyebrow and thickening this when you’ve outlined your shape.

Once the eyebrow shape is outlined then you can start thickening your eyebrow to the required size. You can go as big as you like, it’s your eyebrow, you slay as much as you want.

Once the eyebrow is to your exact thickness and the outline is complete. I then start to fill in my eyebrow I tend to use lighter stokes at the first fourth of my eyebrow to create a more natural front rather than a dark block.

Once the eyebrow has been filled in I like to take my brush and lightly brush from midway in my eyebrow to the front so that the product blends into my eyebrow creating the shape and colour I would like.

Voila, a nice tidy eyebrow. I love his way of doing my eyebrows as it keeps them natural. It can sometimes take practise so don’t worry about getting everything perfect right away!

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you enjoy it.

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Darrcie X