Today I’m reviewing the Kiko Milano ‘Strobe and Sculpt’ Contour Palette. I bought this from the store in Cambridge. It’s a cream Contour with a cream highlighter. I bought this a while ago actually but never got round to using it.

Sorry for not wearing any make up but I found it and wanted to try it. It’s in the shade light to medium but I’m pretty light skinned and it barely shows on my face without physically scrubbing the brush into the palette. It’s just a normal cream Contour consistency, what you would expect and it’s not too heavy on the skin. I just did a basic Contour line on my face to see the after effect.

My skin is really oily, sorry about that, as you can see there is absolutely nothing on my face, and that is supposed to be ‘blended’. I don’t think this product works very well and I won’t be buying this again. I might as well have not contoured and then just said I did for banter. This product is a joke, it really shouldn’t be sold if it’s not going to work. And I was worried about it being too dark for my skin…

I bought this product for £18.

I’m not even going to link the website because the product is that bad, if you feel the need to waste your money for a bad product then visit Kiko Milano. Otherwise, steer clear of this product. If you can recommend any good Contour products, drop it in the comments below.

Remember to always read a few reviews before you purchase your product as it can save you a lot of money.
Darrcie x