I’ve recently bought a foundation from NARS, it’s the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. This foundation is for people with oily skin as it has no oil in it. At least that’s what they tell you when you’re hoaxed into buying it.

NARS foundation can look really nice on you when you first put it on, it almost gives you that perfect skin that the celebrities have.

Leaving it on your face for more than a couple of hours, it will then go blotchy, which isn’t right if it’s supposed to be tailored to oily skin. Other people have confirmed that this exact same problem has happened to them and we’re all wondering why. The foundation can make your skin look quite greasy and dewy even if you’re not sweating. I bought some of the setting powder to get rid of this problem and it still doesn’t help.

My skin has a fair few blackheads and the occasional spot when my skin becomes oily so I thought I purchased a foundation that’s supposed to be ‘full coverage’ but it turns out even with lots of layers of this foundation, the more coverage, the more you get cake face, not a good look.

This foundation isn’t great in creating the ‘Matte’ look I prefer and so I would probably not purchase this again. I won’t link NARS down below as I feel it wasn’t worth the £35 I bought it for and I wouldn’t want anyone else to get cheated out of their money for a product that may not work on many skin types.

This product makes my face look sweaty rather than matte and with oily skin that’s a no-go. If you can recommend some foundations down below that work for you, I would be happy to purchase and review.

Remember to always read a couple of reviews before buying a product as it helps to save money that way. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed the review. This time I’m saying NAH to NARS.
Darrcie X

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