So recently my boyfriend and I have been looking at places to move in together because his parents are moving and he wants to start his life and I want to be a part of that. Some may say that 18 is too early to be moving out and blah… blah…blah. However I think that if someone, no matter how old, is ready to step into the real world, then they shouldn’t be looked down upon in society for it.

Right now I’m finishing my A-levels this year 3 days before my boyfriend and I venture out to Turkey by ourselves. After that I’ll be training to start my career as a Police Officer. However, I wouldn’t want to start that career until we’ve moved house officially otherwise it makes things difficult.

So for now, I’m happy just becoming full time at my work place until we’ve stabilized ourselves in our new property. I love the prospect of moving out together and starting our lives together as he’s my first boyfriend and my first everything. I love that we can be free in our own home without the worry of judgement from others and we can make our own rules. I’m just going to make it clear that we will NOT be having children, that’s not what this is about, it’s about sharing our adventures and for now, just doing what we like to do, which is have fun. Maybe one day in the far, far future we’ll have children but right now and for many more years, we’re happy without.

We’re looking at modern, spacious apartments around England as he’s got a lot of gaming and electrical equipment and I’ve got too many clothes and make up. For me, this is really a chance to grow up and take control of my life, and for once, not keep doing things to please others but to make myself happy. Not too long ago my Dad committed suicide and ever since then I’ve just been trapped in my room and well away from people, I think having my own freedom and a chance to be happy without anyone telling me how I should feel, will really make me truly happy. My boyfriend has been my rock for the past one and a half years and he’s always supported me. Having him by my side throughout this past year will be amazing and starting a life with him will open many doors.

I won’t comment on where we think we’re moving to as you never know who’s on this website, but what I can say is, I want to start regularly updating my blog on my life as it keeps me going through everyday just to read comments from positive people. This year is my year of positivity and that’s why you may see many positive comments from me, I think there should be less judging and more supporting. I’m sorry this is really long but I hope maybe someone read this and whoever it is spreads positivity. 🌷
Darrcie X