Today I’m reviewing the beauty brush set Niré  that I received from my boyfriend. I have the rose gold 8pc set with a little black makeup brush bag. This set was bought from the amazon prime website, I will link the brushes below for anyone that would like to buy or view them in greater detail.

This set is an essential set for any make-up brushes, they’re more of an on-the-go type than the detail type. However, these brushes came in a lovely black leather make-up brush bag, in netting to keep the bristles of the brush in place. The actual brush hairs are white and they feel so soft and lovely, perfect for the skin. The metal surrounding the brush is rose gold which looks so beautiful on the brushes. This high-end pouch is 100%| vegan friendly and the brushes are so delicate that any marks on the brushes can simply be wiped/ washed away. I have never used any brushes so soft on my skin and using them makes me feel less irritated than with cheap brushes.


(Sorry that my brushes are a little dirty, I literally washed them after this photo). I think these brushes and the beauty blender are a very good purchase for anyone who is just starting with make up. They’re professional, soft and easy to use. The quality of the product is honestly amazing, personally I’ve never felt something so good. The beauty blender is an added bonus to this pack, I really needed a beauty blender as I’ve had mine for a couple of months are you should really change your beauty blender every 3 months. The best part about these brushes for beginners is that they say what the brush is used for on the side of the brush which is really helpful for someone who wouldn’t obviously know what they are by just looking at them.


This is just a photo of a couple of the brushes, but they ALL say what they’re used for. They are truly feather soft against your skin and they make applying your make up so effortless. I have never had brushes like this ever! I am so amazed at how these brushes are Vegan free and synthetic and are crafted in such a way. It’s seriously beyond me I can’t say enough about this set. I also love the fact that these brushes imitate animal hair, to be quite honest all the animal hair brushes I have used previously don’t stand anywhere near these brushes.

It doesn’t matter who you are, these brushes are a must have and an essential for all! Other than the stylish colour contrast between the bristles and the handle, another plus side of this set is the brilliant quality of the make up bag. I was not expecting the make up bag to be of this quality as complimentary bags that usually accompany brushes are normally just mediocre and plasticized. This however, was of great quality, really soft.

Overall, my honest opinion on these brushes is that they’re amazing quality, really pretty and perfect to buy or to gift to someone, as it was gifted to me. My opinion is honest and true and I wouldn’t recommend the buy if I didn’t approve. However, one thing I do recommend, even if you’re not interested in these brushes, I hope if you look for or think of buying brushes that you seek 100% vegan brushes. A little goes a long way. I’ll drop the link below for these brushes and I hope you enjoy this review, remember to always read a couple of reviews before you purchase your product.


Darrcie X


Nire Beauty Brushes