Any girl who loves Kylie Jenner or the feel of a Matte lip will instantly fall in love with the prospect of having a Kylie Jenner Lip kit, right? You either love these kits or you hate them… I suppose it’s like marmite. Every lipstick can have its pros and it’s cons. I’d like to give you just a few of these from my experience of using the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits.

So, these are the gorgeous colours that I bought (Mary Jo K, Kourt K and Candy K). These colours are stunning, absolutely beautiful! I bought these because they match my skin tone and my hair the most, I never usually go for a pink lip as it’s too light but Candy K actually suits me this one time. The actual design is enough to make any Kylie fan go crazy… with excitement! The matching lip liners add that perfect touch on getting the perfect round lip. The product smells amazing when opened, it can be likened to the smell of a chocolate cake, freshly baked of course.

The colours dry complete matte, I’m a big fan of complete matte as I don’t like wetness on my lip as it rubs off to easily. This lipstick stays in place, all day! The only part of this I don’t like is that it can feel a bit like paint on your lips when it dries, which isn’t very pleasant. This is why I would suggest using a lip balm or softener underneath to give you a stretchy coat that won’t feel like paint. The product dries very fast but it takes a few coats if your desired coat is heavier than the first time you put the product on.

Obviously you can’t escape the fact that the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits are quite expensive and the shipping doesn’t help either. However, I will still link the Kylie Cosmetics website to get these Lip Kits in case anybody doesn’t mind spending that money, personally for the product and quality you’re getting it’s a good purchase but not a steal of a price as she makes things a little costly, I feel the product should be more like £15.00 than £25.00 but, that’s the price of beauty ladies and gentlemen. I don’t have a lot of faults with this product and it would be a recommendation of mine for those who prefer the matte lip, I wouldn’t recommend this product for those who get dry lips a lot though as it can look quite tacky if the lip is dry underneath, as the matte dries out your lip as well.

These are just pictures of me wearing Kourt K. I hope you enjoyed my review and I hope it helps in making a decision. Remember to always read reviews before buying a product as it saves a lot of money!
Darrcie X

Mary Jo K

Kourt K
Candy K