Recently my boyfriend took me for a weekend in London (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to celebrate our one year anniversary. Our anniversary was on the 8th November but we booked it for the first week of December as we had leave from work.

We left his house and took a 1 hour 30 minute journey to Kilburn in London where our hotel was, we checked in at 2pm and unpacked our luggage before having to get a 20 minute train journey to Waterloo in London for our very first activity. THE LONDON DUNGEON! It was an absolutely amazing experience, unfortunately the ride wasn’t working, but it was still so much fun. For some reason the actors/actresses kept picking on me and only scaring me, by the end I had lost my voice. The activity started at 3:30pm and ended around 4:30pm. After The London Dungeon it was getting dark but we wanted it to get darker as we had another activity waiting for us… The London Eye! As we went to go collect our tickets for it we were asked if we wanted to go watch a short 4D film before we went, so obviously we went. It was some sort of weird jungle thing and we got soaked with foam! After 5 minutes of that we went outside to queue for The London Eye and luckily we were only in the queue for 5 minutes. The London Eye was very slow but absolutely breath-taking as you got to the top… 30 minutes later. Honestly, I couldn’t have witnessed anything better in Waterloo. It was very dark and so all the lights over London looked so pretty.


When we went back to Kilburn we grabbed a massive bargain bucket from KFC, sweets from Poundland and some Pepsi Max and chilled out in our hotel room watching movies until 2am. This was probably a bad idea since we had to wake up early next morning for breakfast before a start to another day.

When we woke up at 10am, we headed down for what I can say was the WORST hotel breakfast we’ve ever had so we went back upstairs to get changed for our long day out.


We took a train journey to Hyde Park Corner… so where else could we be going in the middle of winter other than… WINTER WONDERLAND! We went last year when we first met each other so it’s a special place for us to go back to and because we both fell in love with the amazing China Palace chinese food there. We had 3 activities booked over the course of the day. At 2pm we went ice-skating for an hour which was amazing and considering I’ve taken ice-skating up as a hobby a few years ago, it was amazing to be back on the ice again. We literally just skated around holding hands and dancing to the music being played. We wandered around for a couple of hours afterwards eating food and going to the beer/music hall. After this we had to go to one of our other events, Zippos Christmas Circus at 5:30pm, it was really great, however we had both been on a massive spinning ride beforehand and felt really dizzy and sick to the point of gagging… not nice. Although, the show was really lovely and funny and it was wonderful for us both to experience our first circus show, together. This show lasted an hour and then we headed off wandering around and going on more rides, it was really cold so we were freezing even though we had so many layers on. We had to wait until 9pm for our last activity, Cirque Beserk, which was a crazy daredevil circus show. It was literally the best thing we have ever seen. I’ll drop some photos below of some of the things we saw because it’s too amazing to explain in words! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve seen anything like this.



I did see a lot more crazy things but unfortunately they are all on video. We had a lovely day at Winter Wonderland and as 10pm drew closer, the site started to shut and we had to make our way home.

I can’t wait to go back next year and hopefully we can do something similar. After all of this we went back and grabbed some Mcdonalds… oops. We went to bed at 12:00am though, which is fairly early for us.


After little sleep we had to get up and out of the hotel by 12pm as this was our check out time. We headed to Waterloo once again for our final day and final two activities. We spent the morning at Shreks Adventure Land which was awful because everybody that worked there seemed as if they hated their lives. Then we went to SeaWorld which was fairly boring as we’re both not that interested in fish… It was about 4pm after we finished these so we went for, yet again, another Mcdonalds, before we walked to Victoria Station to say our goodbyes to each other. We live 2 hours and 30 mins apart so I was really upset when saying goodbye, as per usual but I had such a lovely time and I can’t thank my boyfriend enough for letting me enjoy the weekend and experiences with him.

Darrcie X