I’ll be reviewing a recent purchase of mine, the Miss G Couture – Diamond Glow Trio Highlighter Palette. I actually saw this as a sponsored link whilst I was scrolling through my facebook feed, as I haven’t had a highlighter before I thought it looked pretty and the reviews were great, so I bought it to try it out. This is what the inside looks like:


I’ve never heard of Miss G Couture before and so have never tried their products. It obviously looks gorgeous and the colours look amazing. The box is simple and pretty and small enough to take anywhere with you in a handbag or backpack! Upon it’s arrival I was very much excited to try the highlighters out as I wanted to glow, like all make-up lovers do. The actual highlighter’s aren’t as pigmented as I would like them to be, it’s actually quite a task to get the product on to a brush. In my experience, I have to physically rub the bristles of the brush on the product with a lot of pressure. This is obviously a downfall to the highlighter palette as I was expecting as little amount of pressure possible to transfer the product to the brush.


As you can see from my arm, the colours have a lovely shine to them and create a fantastic glow. However, they aren’t very pigmented and took a lot of pressure and swipes to get onto my arm. Keep it in mind though, this specific brand is not solely focused on make-up, they sell clothes and accessories too, I will link the website below. Another downfall to this product is that it isn’t very long lasting, it does not stay on your face for long periods of time and would probably require a heavy amount to properly stay in place. Whatever gender you are, you want to glow all day, let’s admit it, so this product doesn’t achieve that. I paid £15.00 for this trio highlighter, I wouldn’t personally say that it isn’t worth the £15.00 I paid, however others may think different. In my opinion, it’s not for me, but if you like this product make sure to click the link below.

Darrcie X


Trio Highlighter: https://www.missgcouture.co.uk/diamond-glow-trio-highlighter-palette