So today's make up look is just a casual going to work look using some new products I have bought. I started off by using my Kiko Milano Matte Face Base and my Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. They're both Matte and oil free... Continue Reading →

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I've just bought two new bottles of Shampoo and Condition, Keratin Classic. The bottles are supposed to make your hair smooth, sleek and straight. Keratin is used in treatments at hairdressers to smooth and straighten hair. As my hair is naturally... Continue Reading →

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This is just a little post about my make up for work. Obviously if you were to use some of the tips or copy the look you don't have to use this look for work. First I start off by... Continue Reading →

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Life update… I Guess?

So... I guess I haven't posted in a while.  You could say my recent months have been quite the up and down. Mentally I've been battling with lots of different thoughts and I'm pushing myself to achieve greatness. I was... Continue Reading →


Yesterday I ventured down to my local hairdressers Studio 26 to have my micro ring 20 inch hair extensions in. I have two colours used on my hair for extra thickness as I have naturally curly thick hair, and to... Continue Reading →


So, I've just had my lashes done and I'm feeling good! I decided to get my lashes done because I want to keep up with the infills and get used to lashes as I want them for my holiday in... Continue Reading →


I thought I would show you all what is inside my everyday bag and hopefully you can get some inspiration and ideas! Firstly, in my bag I have the Victoria Secret Bombshell body mist, I have the perfume too. I... Continue Reading →

Quick Nails

I've created a nail look today that took me 3 minutes to create which is an easy and on the go look for anyone that wants pretty nails but doesn't have time to waste. I started off with one coat... Continue Reading →

Jack Wills gift set

I recently received a Jack Wills gift set from my brother and his wife for my 18th birthday and would like to show you all what is inside. The actual tin that all the things come in is really cute... Continue Reading →

18th Birthday

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for being away for so long but I've been really busy and working on some new things for you all! I've also just had my 18th birthday yesterday and would like to show you all a... Continue Reading →

Amazon Palette

Recently I bought a palette from Amazon, it was a cheap one with 15 colours both matte and shimmer shades, some of the colours and everyday colours and some warm tone for a subtle or glamorous look. This palette is... Continue Reading →

Reaching my goal weight

So this is just a personal life update for you. Recently I've weighed myself on a scale and seen the amount of weight I have put on and the weight I'm at. I don't like this weight because it makes... Continue Reading →

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